Trust Name Space

Community Pre-Sale 22 Jul 2024

To buy a token, choose one of the three cryptocurrencies offered in the form: ETH, USDT standard TRC-20/ERC-20/BEP-20 or BNB (see buying instructions). After entering the purchase amount and selecting the payment method, click on the green "Buy" button, a new page will open, which will contain the recharge details (and the option to "buy as a gift"). In cryptocurrency, you can pay for the purchase of a token using an address or QR code. After payment, wait for payment verification and notification that the payment was successfully credited. After successful exchange, your purchased tokens will be displayed in the section Profile.

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Project Details

TrustNameSpace (TNS) is a unique crypto project that is revolutionizing the concept of subjectivity in the crypto world and promises to solve key issues facing decentralized social networks. Built on an L2 sidechain, TNS introduces a digital standard for secure and economically efficient social interactions.

At the heart of the project lies the idea of unique names that are purchased at an auction using the $TRUE token and remain the owner's property forever. Name owners can interact, create social connections, ratings, and publish and sign content on the blockchain. These names become an integral part of the decentralized infrastructure, ensuring security and reliability thanks to Ethereum's underlying architecture.

Key features of TNS include:

Unique Names: Each name in TNS is unique and independent of third-party platforms. It belongs to the owner forever and can be used in various contexts, including digital signatures, token and asset storage.

L2 Solution: The TrueConnect sidechain addresses Ethereum's scalability issues, making transactions more accessible and economically efficient.

$TRUE Token: This is the primary payment mechanism for acquiring TNS names and paying fees on TrueConnect. $TRUE also drives economic activity and token distribution from name sales among name owners.

Proof of Involvement: This mechanism allows for the distribution of tokens from the sale of new names to existing name owners at various levels in the ownership graph.

TNS is not only a technological innovation but also sets broad social goals. It aims to become the standard for decentralized social networks, ensuring the uniqueness of subjectivity online and protecting users from centralized monopolies and arbitrariness.

The global mission of TrustNameSpace is to create a new era in network subjectivity, similar to how bitcoin changed the perception of money. It aims to return digital social connections to the hands of users, freeing them from excessive dependence on digital platforms and monopolies.

Token $TRUE (TrueConnect)

October 2023 - distribution of tokens to funds
December 2023 - launch of community sales from $0.5 per token
Q3 2024 there will be access to exchanges

The True Connect token ($TRUE) will be used for:

  • Purchasing names at auction at

  • Sending to name$ in the contract

  • Withdrawal from name$ in the contract

  • Functions in ecosystem projects


After the token is released into circulation, it will be transferred to your wallet specified in the Profile section.

To do this, you need to link your Ethereum wallet in the same section.

The transfer of tokens to wallets after the contract release occurs in two waves.

1 wave

Token buyers before May 1, 2024, will receive all their tokens on the day of the $True smart contract launch. 100% of these tokens will be immediately unlocked for acquisition and free circulation.

2 wave

Token buyers after May 1, 2024, will receive all their tokens on the day of the $True smart contract launch. 50% of these tokens will be immediately unlocked for acquisition and free circulation, while the remaining 50% will be unlocked over the course of a year.

Until the moment the $TRUE token is released on the Ethereum blockchain, the rights to your tokens are stored on the TrustLaunch platform.

In case you did not set an Ethereum wallet address, the TrustLaunch platform will send you a letter about the need to set an address by the time of transfer. If the address is not set, the TrustLaunch platform undertakes to store your tokens for 5 years.

TrustLaunch acts as the data provider about wallets, the amount of distributed tokens, and the terms. All current information and rules are based on the official Whitepaper. All potential changes will comply with the TNS project policy.

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